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RARE! Chesapeake & Ohio - Chessie - 70-Ton Hopper Set #1

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70-Ton Offest-Side Hopper

Chesapeake & Ohio - Chessie
Set #1 reporting numbers: C&O 79223 and C&O 79286


Here's a follow-up  Feb. '16  4-pk. issue!  In 2011 FT  released an identical CHESSIE SYSTEM model marked with a B&O livery.  It was so popular that we released a second edition in 2014!  That release also "sold out" immediately!  The interest in the model commanded another run!  This month, FT  is offering a 4-pk. of this nifty car, and this time with the C&O livery.  Essentially the same, but as you know, cars from the various CHESSIE merger Railroads were marked with the reporting initials of their former owners.  This is a stunning model in yellow over black, featuring "Chessie," the Railroad's iconic kitten!  One car carries the usual coal load, while the other carries a load of chunk limestone, a commodity well-known to the CHESSIE

2-pks. in clear plastic, stackable cases, and complete with colorful cardstock liners including the Railroad Herald and lots of model information!  All FT cars are weighted, use blackened/insulated metal wheelsets and wear knuckle couplers. The realistic loads are created by Hay Brothers.

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