ATLAS: Spur Z Weichen sind wieder am Lager.

DIGITRAX: Die nächste Lieferung geht diese Woche auf die Reise. Spur Z Decoder werden in ca. 3 - 5 Wochen produziert.

Ankündigung AZL: 

National Train Show 2019 Announcement:


The RS and RSD locomotives were produced between 1950 and 1956. Total production about 1700. Very popular with railroads and many ran well into the 1980s. The AZL versions will feature many unique details. Most important is the two axle truck AAR type B and three axle truck Trimount that differentiates the RS3 and RSD-5 locomotives. Roadname specific details will include Smokestacks, Turbochargers, Headlights, Numberboards, Airhorns, Snowplow and Fuel Tanks to name some. Three production runs are planned.

Proposed RS3 Roads: GN, NP, CP, NH, UP, SOU, MILW, PRR, DH, SAL, BN, SSW, NYC, CN, DRGW

Proposed RSD-5 Roads: ATSF, SP, C&O