Chicago & North Western EMD E8 A 5031A

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Chicago & North Western

Roadnumber 5031A

These are the perfect locomotives to go with our previous C&NW heavy-weight passenger car release.


The E8/E9s feature:

- Prototype specific detailing

- AZL’s powerful can motor

- Dual flywheels

- Traction tires

- Directional controlled LEDs

- Optional truck with mounted front coupler – INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGING!

- DCC ready

Yes AZL is including an extra truck with every E8A locomotive! This truck has a coupler mounted on it. If customers plan to double-head their E8s, it is recommended the front truck be replaced with the one with the coupler attached. See more on how to install the truck in AZL’s Tech Tip section of the AZL website:

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