Canadian Series: ALBERTA Set #3

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Betriebsnummern Set #3
Canadian National ALNX 396218 ~ Slave Lake
Canadian Pacific ALPX 628132 ~ Eaglesham

We're B-A-A-C-C-K-K!!!   Here's the story: The first railcar in FT 's independent portfolio was the ACF 3-Compartment Cylindrical Hopper!  It was chosen because at the time there were no covered hoppers being offered in Z Scale.  Also, the 51' length made the usually large/long Cylindrical body shape convenient for running on smaller layouts...hence even the modest Z Scale runner could enjoy this modern car, no bigger than the common 50' boxcar!  Good to go!  And so begun FT . Well, among all the different rail lines, we had done drawings for all the various Canadian Grain cars.  We had released two of these, when Intermountain, decided they would enter the Z Scale foray and produce Canadian Grain cars.  And so, in consideration, we deferred, stopped production and let them run with it.  And they produced a very fine Trinity-type car.  Very many, but they were quite large, and unless you ran modular and had large radius track, they could be somewhat unwieldy. The years have passed and FT is  offering it's Canadian Grainers again.  These are actually the final sets of what we made in 2010!

Cylindrical grain cars are one of Canada's best-known contributions to the North American railcar network. Over 19,000 covered cylindrical Government-sponsored hoppers, built by several railcar manufacturers, have been carrying Canadian grain and products on rails since 1972.  The brightest paint schemes adorning the cars belonged to the Canadian Wheat Board, Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation and the province of Alberta. Assigned to CN or CP, as denoted by an 'N' or 'P' in their reporting marks, the cars stayed on their home rails for loading.  Like other Larger Scale railcar model fabricators who operate their Cylindricals on tight radius track,

Full Throttle  has adapted the colorful Canadian paint schemes to it's shorter three-outlet Z Scale cylindrical model, for easier management and performance on usually compact Z Scale layouts.   Full Throttle  has decided to offer it's shorter Cylindrical model with Canadian liveries, in hope that those runners, not so concerned about prototypes and with smaller layouts and tight radius track might find these FT models useful.  Here is one of them!

A pair of  Canadian Cylindrical Hoppers   ALBERTA ~ Heritage Fund .  The models were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted to a slight sheen and equipped with the new Roller Bearing trucks, featuring super-gliding blackened metal wheels, and knuckle couplers.  The bodies are painted blue with yellow data and feature the large  Alberta  logo. One car in the set is for CN (ALNX) and the other for CP (ALPX).

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