Loco Decoder for Can- or Faulhaber Motors

Decoder Multiprotokoll for DCC and SelecTRIX® (SX1 und SX2)
for Models with Can- or Faulhabertype motors

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LDS170307 - BR194, E-94, DR294, DR254

Product no.: VEL-LDS170307

91.63 *
Still in stock

LDS170821 - ÖV-100 mit Glockenankermotor

Product no.: VEL-LDS170821

91.63 *
Not in stock

LDS18061 - E-41 with coreless motor

Product no.: VEL-LDS18061

91.63 *
Still in stock

LDSRN181 - Rokuhan/Noch BR181

Product no.: VEL-LDSRN181

79.73 *
In stock
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