Decoder H0

Decoder H0

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Product no.: 9902DHDP
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Product no.: 9902DHWH
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Product no.: 9902DH165IP

DH165IP HO Scale Mobile Decoder

Replaces DH163IP
Now SoundBug Compatible
Decoder Lock equipped
Current Rating 1.5 Amp (2.0 Amps Peak)
Size .67” x 1.05” x 0.25” / 16.9mm x 26.6mm x 6.35mm
Installation: Digitrax 9 pin to DCC medium plug
Function Outputs 6 x 500mA
Function Type FX3
Features Economy Series 3

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Product no.: 9902DHWHP
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Product no.: 9902DH465
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Product no.: 9902DHWHPS
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Product no.: 9902PX108-6F

For use with Digitrax Decoders Equipped with 6 pin Function Harness.

The PX108 series power extender offers the same great features of other Digitrax Power extenders. The PX108 is offered in a shorter package while still providing approximately 70% of the holdup of the larger PX112. Additionally, the PX108 is operational at a wider range of voltages, from 10v to 18v. The PX108 measures 1.007” x 0.492” x 0.299” (25.6mm x 12.5mm x 7.6mm) excluding the harness.

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Product no.: 9902DZ126

DZ126 1 Amp Z / N / HO Scale Wired Mobile Decoder

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