TTX Gunderson Husky-Stack Well Car #DTTX 56848

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Container Waggon Gunderson Husky-Stack Well Car


Betriebsnummer DTTX 56848

Der Husky-Stack(R) ist ein einzelner Doppelstock-Container-Tragwagen, der zum ersten Mal 1990 auf der International Intermodal Expo in Atlanta, GA, vorgestellt wurde.

These 70’ well cars are yellow with black lettering and run on Roller Bearing trucks. Built in early 1992, these TTX well cars accepted containers up to 48’ in length in the bottom well position. Founded in 1955 as “Trailer-Train,” the company standardized TOFC practices and fostered the growth of rail transportation. The Trailer-Train brand was retired in 1991 as the company rebranded simply as “TTX.”

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