70-Ton Hopper Southern Pacific SP & TNO Set #2

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Southern Pacific SP & TNO

Set #2 reporting numbers: SP 440467 and TNO 4355

Here's the July '10 offering from FT. A great looking 4-pk. for the SPRR. SOPAC covered the USA Southwest from Louisiana through California and up to Oregon! It also ran down into Mexico! So, our Western Z Hobbyists ought to be happy with this run. The cars are marked for SP and TNO so they could represent cars found all along the Line.

Open 40' Offset-Side 3-Bay Hoppers marked for the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD. The models were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted to a slight sheen in dark mineral brown inside and out, and equipped with custom Hay Bros. Garage coal loads. They sport the new Bowser Bettendorf trucks with super-gliding blackened metal wheels, and knuckle couplers, and feature white printing, immaculate, tiny and clean, in several sized fonts. The TNO model bears the SP circle logo.

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