Northwest Chips - NP 70278 + GN 72024

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Woodchip Hopper, 33', offset-side

Collector Set 57 - Northwest Chips

Betriebsnummern: NP 70278 + GN 72024

Let's start the year,  Jan. '22  with a nifty Collector 2-pk. complete in it's own "presentation" box. Woodchip cars from our Northwestern forests!  One a GN and one an NP. Interesting that in the end the two Rail Lines merged together.  I doubt the Burlington Northern repainted any old, heavily used "Chip" cars.  In any case, a must for the lumber yards of our Northern and Western runners. 

These models have been equipped with our Full Throttle  couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets.  The Collector 2-pk. carries two new unique Reporting Numbers!

During the 20th century, our Northwestern Forests provided huge amounts of timber for the lumber mills to supply the burgeoning construction industry of the Western USA. In turn, the mills created a new commerce for the railroads, Woodchips!  Once considered trash, their use in paper productionbedding on the farm, mulches, playground surfacing, forest fire prevention, and alternative fuel made them a profitable haul. Old hopper cars were refurbished, given top-extensions and pressed into service. All manner of extensions were conceived, from wood planking and braced ply boards to welded steel sheeting and scrap parts from irreparable cars, to increase capacities for this lighter load.

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