Gunderson MAXI-IV articulated cars TTX #DTTX 724202

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Gunderson MAXI-IV articulated cars

TTX (old logo)

DTTX 724202

THE MAXI-IV sets are here! AZL announced these sets were coming in their September pipeline video. The first release from AZL is for Florida East Coast (FEC). The cars are brown and feature a patch over the previous car owners name.

The cars are articulated and ride on modified AZL 90001 roller-bearing trucks. These trucks swing quite freely. A railing ramp is suggested for placing the cars on the track. A minimum of curve of 220mm and above is recommended.

Each set will come with six containers.  The 53' containers are the first time AZL has offered corrugated type containers in this length. The 40' containers are a rerelease with new tooling as well. AZL plans to offer a mix of containers from discount stores, online stores, overnight delivery services, shipping companies, moving companies and railroads.


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