C&O 70 ton ribside 3-Bay Hopper (2-Pack #1)

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Chesapeake & Ohio

70 ton ribside 3-Bay hoppers

Roadnumbers: C&O 101286 and C&O 101335

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We are proud to announce this bright new addition to our Hopper Car Fleet!  Not long after the 50-Ton, 2-Bay Hoppers were perfected, and with many Railroad improvements in trackage, springs, trucks, and couplers along with ever more powerful Steam Engines, the want for a bigger, more economical hopper to haul the burgeoning Coal Industry's product, led to the development of the 70-Ton Hopper.  Many variations were tried between the early 1920s and to well after WWII, featuring a diverse number of ribs, and panels of assorted sizes.  FT  has chosen the popular and common 9-Panel type for a Z Scale version as it can be more easily adapted to the tiny lettering and data needed for this size.  It's a 40' car, a swell Z size, no bigger than the smallest of the steel boxcars!  It employs FT 's own trucks and knuckle couplers with the smaller housing, Will's metal wheelsets, and for a realistic touch, Hay Bros. Custom Loads!  The second of this FT  5000 Series was painted for CHESAPEAKE & OHIO, always a popular Railroad Hobby Line!  There will be a 4-pk. issued (2 X 2-pks.) with 4 unique reporting numbers. 

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