C&S Burlington Collector Set #44

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33' Ribside Hopper

C&S Burlington Collector Set #44

Jeder Waggon ist mit einer unterschiedlichen Kohlenladung von Hay Bros. Garage beladen.

Set #1 Betriebsnummern: 18192, 18089

Diese Waggons sind aus Kunstoff und von BOWSER produziert. Die Originale fuhren 1920 - 1980. Einige sind noch heute im Einsatz. Ein idealer Waggon für den Dampflokbetrieb bis zu den frühen Dieselloks.

Coal mining in Colorado, originally,  was spread across the State, but currently, 11 active mines in the West rank it tenth in US coal production. The Colorado and Southern RR served CO, WY, NM, and TX from 1898-1908 when the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR bought it's rights. It ran independently until 1970 when it was absorbed by the Burlington Northern RR which eventually merged with ATSF RR to become BNSF RR. In the second half of the 20th century, the expansion of the Powder River Basin of MT and WY, one of the largest coal regions in the world, fueling over 40% of our nation's power plants, was instrumental for Railroad consolidations and Big Railroad coal freight action. The C&S and CB&Q via the BN RR became huge players in supplying our entire Midwest Power Grid with the commodity! Supplying even Canada and the UK, major coal companies such as PEABODY, have mines and hopper traffic throughout the area shipping worldwide. Here are two hoppers from the Steam to Diesel Era of coal railroading in Colorado!

These models have been equipped with our Full Throttle couplers, trucks and metal wheelsets. 

Hay Brothers has crafted the detailed coal loads. The 2-pk. carries two unique Reporting Numbers!




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