Rio Grande 100-Ton 3-Bay 45' Rib-Side Hopper Set 1

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100ton Hopper - original by Pennzee

Denver & Rio Grande Western ##70098, 70163


As promised, here's the  Jan. '23  Full Throttle  hopper offering for you!  It's an Open 100-Ton Hopper marked for the Rio Grande!  The blue end panels denote that the car is equipped for rotary dumping!  Large facilities and electric plants modernized with a  Revolving Dumper, and these cars could be uncoupled and unloaded fully, by turning them upside down!  The models, offered as 2-pks., wear our own couplers and  metal wheelsets, and come equipped with crafted coal loads from Hay Bros.!  Our run was hampered by a production glitch and unfortunately is quite limited, so smaller quantities than you wish may be the result.  I'll divvy up the run as fairly as possible for you, my faithful patrons

     The Rio Grande (D&RGW) remains a very popular Rail Line and FT  is none-the-less happy to offer this unique Z Scale model despite it's minimal availability.


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